i Am Retired, Don't Ask Me to do a Damn Thing

 "I am retired, don't ask me to do a damn thing."


A friend sent me a T Shirt with the above text, after learning I had retired as CEO of the Devonish Art Gallery after 50+ years in operation in two different countries, Barbados and Anguilla; 18 years in Barbados and 32+ years in Anguilla.

I have never met a retired artist, so I happily edited the text to read –“I am retired, don’t ask me to do a damn thing,  except carve wood or throw a few ceramic bowls”

During the last 5 years I was not only the CEO, but chief cook and bottle washer, managing a one man operation, which afforded me the time to manage 3 websites, during the times when there were no customers; since it was not possible to create either discipline on the premises, unlike my experience in Canada in the eighties, where the ceramic studio was within sight of the showroom; wood carving was too messy and dusty.

In retirement, I am probably working longer hours creating art than ever, and thoroughly enjoying being able to focus on one activity; fortunately there are several outlets to market my creations if and when the Covid virus affords us the opportunity to function.

Our main economic activity is Tourism, which currently presents an overwhelming brick and mortar challenge. Covid 19 also presents a challenge with my new online gallery-courtneydevonishart.com. The current shipping opportunities are via DHL, UPS or Federal Express, as opposed to the affordable choice of the Post Office. There is no doubt that Covid 19 has changed life throughout the world; forcing us to think creatively. Since tourism is the best market vehicle for visual artists, the challenge is gigantic. God help us all.

 Retired also means retirement from two other websites I enjoyed building, after suffering from a mild stroke in 2013. the effort was to learn the computer while testing  my cognitive function. One website was on health, helping stroke victims how to eat healthy, and test their cognitive function, the other was on education and building a better world, this website focussed on critical thinking and brain exercises , thus giving back to my free College Education in England, 1964-67. 

I gave up teaching in 1969 for a life of creating art,  I am  now retired to a passionate life of pleasure, and relaxation, focussing on carving wood or creating ceramic bowls. 

"I am retired, so please don't ask me to do a damn thing, except carve wood and throw a few ceramic bowls,"

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